16 Essential Cabinet Making Tools You Should Have In 2020

Are you planning to make diy furniture or kitchen cabinets? Do you know, according to bls.gov, cabinet makers occupy a larger section in the woodworking industry employment? That means, this job requires a better skill set.

Professional cabinet makers have their own armory of specialized equipments. These cabinetmaking tools are the key elements of woodworking. Even if you’re just starting out, you need the right ones to make a difference in the field.

So what are the tools to make perfect shelves?

Check the list below.

Essential Cabinet Making Tools List

Here’s a list of the essential cabinet making tools you’ll require for professional usage.


Probably the most basic and important machine of all is the saws. The heart of a woodworking workshop. There are basically two types of saws available, Hand Saws & Power Saws. The hand saws are budget-friendly and best for occasional use. However, professionals prefer power saws, which are a bit pricey yet efficient in every possible way. Perhaps, their guards, adjustment panels,  and guides are designed to provide better safety.

We mostly recommend 3 power saws, to begin with. These 3 will not only ensure a smooth and efficient work but also save you a lot of time.

Cabinetmaking Table Saw

These heavy and rigid saws are the favorites of cabinetmakers. It can easily fit between table extensions. Cabinet Making tables saws can easily handle 4ft to 8ft plywoods. The blade diameters range between 7.5 inches to 12 inches.


This pocket-size powerhouse is most suitable for cutting straight lines or making curves. The back and forth motion of this saw can get the job done with sheer accuracy.

Miter Saw

The best one for longer projects. The miter saw has a spinning blade that allows you to make quick cuts and curves at regular angles. Cabinetmakers often use a standard or compound one. Sliding Compound Miter Saw can be a good choice for a cabinet making business.


Clamps really come in handy for the cabinet building process. These are used to firmly hold the wood in a certain place while you do measuring and cutting. It’s a smart buy at a very reasonable cost to help you align your cabinets efficiently.

There are various types of clamps available since every design has a difference in application. We mostly recommend

  • C-Clamps – The oldest design made of steel frames. Comes with a huge range of size and throat depths.
  • Band Clamps – Mostly used during the assembling of cabinet boxes. Has fabric straps and ratcheting clamp controls.
  • Pipe Clamps – A typical iron pipe with an adjustable face and a fixed jaw.
  • Bar Clamps – Strength of the pipe clamps and the depth of c-clamps combined.


These clamps are durable, and longevity is surprisingly great. They are the key to achieve professional results.


Sanding is an important part of woodworking. It cannot be neglected during cabinet making either. If you were doing it for just yourself, the sanding block would have been enough. However, a cabinet making business will require an orbital sander. It saves a lot of time and effort in the long run.

A random orbital sander can swiftly sand down any uneven area. It can be positioned anywhere and get the job done. It gives a smooth finish to your work while canceling out any mistakes during the cutting or curving. You won’t feel exhausted making several cabinets using a random orbital sander. This tool is lightweight and probably of the best cabinet building tools out there.


A power drill can be used for multiple purposes. It’s mostly used for installation of hinges on a cabinet door. It can also help you in drilling holes according to your need.

Power drills are light enough to use for a longer period and won’t cause fatigue. Certain attachments make the cabinet making the process a lot easier. Hinges can be installed quickly and efficiently. Some are compatible with slides and pulls as well. Power drills generally come in metal, plastic, or wood bodies. Make sure to choose the right one for your work.


This is a conjunction with the power drill. A hinge jig will help you to install hinges on the cabinet doors. The combination of a power drill and hinge jig will ensure a quick and reliable work. You can adjust the hinge right where you want and make the drill without any hassles.

Hinge jig is compatible with any drill you have. It comes with an instruction guide to help you further. Hinge jig is budget-friendly yet an essential equipment for cabinet making. It increases work efficiency, saves time, and makes everything easier for the cabinet maker. What more can you ask for?

Also, there’re other jigs which are essential for making and installing drawers; such as, pocket hole jig, drawer pull jig, shelf pin jig, and drawer slide jig (or drawer slide mounting tool).

Pocket Hole Jig

Pocket hole joinery system has become so popular among the cabinet makers because of the strength it provides. While classic wood joinery has it’s place for fine wood working, pocket hole joinery is sufficient for items such as shop tables and cabinets.

Building pocket holes without jigs is time consuming and less accurate. Jigs allows you to make holes in the right angle. So, it’s a must!

Drawer Pull Jig

A drawer is incomplete without a knob and the drawer pull jigs makes it easy to mark screw holes for knob with accuracy. You can make a handmade pull jig; however, ready-made ones from Rockler and Kreg are can save your time.

Shelf Pin Jig

Whether you’re making a cabinet from scratch or adding shelf pings to an existing cabinet, shelf pin jig allows you to drill a hole in a straight line.

Drawer Slide Jig

The drawer slide need to be installed in parallel. A small mistake in the placement can make the drawer difficult to install. The traditional ways to mark with pencil, level and tape is frustrating. Now, you can use a drawer slide jig that holds the slide tightly so that you can drill accurately.


You must have the best quality of saw blades in your woodworking tool kit. Cabinet making is a work of precision and efficiency. Sharp and precise saw blades will make your cuts clean and leave no frays along the way. It also makes joinery easy.

There are several types of saw blades out there, such as,

  • Rip Saw Blades: This one makes the wood grain ripping a lot easier.
  • Crosscut Saw Blades: Suitable for fine-grained materials like melamine or plywood.
  • Combination Saw Blades: Gets the job done for both ripping and crosscuts. The price is a bit higher since it’s a two-in-one package.


Let’s be clear. A router is an expensive tool and is mostly recommended for business personnel only. A router has its own perks that make it an essential tool to make cabinets. It’s mostly used for making straight edges and joining boards.

A table router is considered the most effective one for woodworking and cabinet making. You can do a lot of work easily without breaking a sweat. A lot of benefits are provided to a woodworker, such as,

  • Precise wood cutting and modeling. It makes the built-quality of the cabinet high and resistant.
  • Versatility to work with smaller pieces of wood.
  • Customizable with certain accessories to suit your needs.
  • Work stability and more secured.

A router is a definite recommendation for professional cabinet makers.


Hammer and mallet are used for force works. Hammer is mostly used for driving nails. It’s the most common tool in the market. However, a claw hammer is the most suitable one for cabinet making. It’s the same old wood handle and steelhead body. The 8-16 ounce claw hammers are mostly recommended.

Rubber is an appropriate surface to conduct cabinet works. A rubber mallet is used to strike the chisel. It’s a lot safer, and you can use it to pound things in places as well. It can be used to nudge and check if two pieces of wood are properly flushed. Make sure to use a white rubber mallet. It leaves no mark on the wood, unlike the black one. It’s an affordable and essential tool for cabinet making.

Accessories and Attachments

Apart from these major requirements, you can also checklist the following.

  • Scribes
  • Hinge Placement Tool (High-Speed)
  • Drawer pull jig
  • Drawer Slide Jig
  • Screwdrivers
  • Biscuit Joiner
  • Tape Measure
  • Woodworking Chisels
  • Combination Square


The selection of the right equipments is important for woodworking. The combination of skill set and proper tool usage is the key. It makes the difference between an efficient project and a sloppy one. Not to forget, you can use these tools to make cupboard. Make the smart move and get the essential cabinet making machines for your business today. Be innovative and creative with the best tools at your disposal.

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