Best Woodworking Tools List Made For You [Must Have]

If you’re contemplating to embark on a career of woodworking or you’re planning on learning the elementary skills of the craft to fix the bric-a-brac issues yourself, here’s a list of the essentials you should have in your toolkit:

We have included 10 best woodworking tools with which you can start your woodworking shop. The list is for both beginners and professionals.

Power Saw

Yes! All kinds of saw are needed to transform those logs into refined furniture pieces. So here are the most important saws you’ll need to create art with wood.



This tool is made-up of saw blades being driven by an electric motor. Jigsaw falls under the category of reciprocating saw due to the back-and-forth motion of the blade. Below, we’ve mentioned more about reciprocating saws.

As the blade have very weak support at the end, it’s advisable not to move the blade sideways.

Ideal For: Sawing Curves, Fine cutting etc.

Circular Saw

This is one of the most powerful & useful saws which uses a circular motion to cut different materials.

If you are cutting something in straight and need accuracy, then circular saw is the perfect option. However, the cutting depth is limited though you can adjust the blade height.

Suits for: Straight cutting and dados.


Table Saw

Table saw is one of the most useful woodworking tools for carpenters as it cuts the materials automatically while running on an electric motor. What’s new? The latest versions of the table saw give you the liberty of sliding the blade up & down so that you can achieve the desired depth.



Reciprocating Saw/Hackzall Saw

The reciprocating saws are suitable for rough cutting and when you need minutely cut. It executes a back and forth motion with blades for cutting. Due to this motion, you can cut the wood quickly. However, any saw that cuts with a push-pull motion can be called as reciprocating saw. That means, if your jigsaw blade has back and forth motion, it can be called as a reciprocating saw.

Use coarse blades while using reciprocating saw for cutting wood.

Where to use: Demolition works, Hard-to-reach places, rough cutting.


The drivers can be traditional and Electric type. While traditional screw drivers uses hand, electric drivers uses electricity for driving screw. You’ve to keep both as they fits for different operation.

Traditional Screwdrivers

Though they’re available in various sizes in most of the tool kits but keeping one or two handy while working will save you a lot of time. Screwdrivers are one of the most used tools in carpentry & usually, a standard sized screwdriver fits in almost all kinds of screws.



Power Screwdrivers

If you look at the recent innovations in woodworking tools, you can see one common thing in them; all the tools has been made to save your time. The time consumed by conventional screw drivers can be minimized with, electric screwdrivers. It takes hardly few seconds to screw. However, they can be various types: corded, cordless, impact driver etc.


Mallet Hammer

Keeping a mallet hammer handy will save you a lot of time needed to fix those nails perfectly in their places. Also, a mallet hammer is one of the most primitive tools used in carpentry.

But you should choose the hammer as per the size as required.



Hand tools are essential for crafting which is almost impossible with machines. For example, you can create a perfect joinery with chisels whereas its difficult with the power tools. Moreover, you can fine tune them until they fit nicely by removing the waste. Yes! They’re absolutely essential for finishing.

Buying a brand new set of chisels can help you enhance your woodwork qualities to a huge extent. Just a word of caution- Avoid using a pre-owned set for the best results.

Useful for: Making Joinery like mortise and tenon, dovetails


Jointers, as the name suggests, have a role to play in keeping the wood pieces together with the help of glue. Also, the jointer is used to polish the uneven surfaces of the wood so that they can be joined together with other blocks to form a part of the furniture.





Power Drill

We cannot skip this power tool from our list. Murmuring about cordless drill?? Well, those are good but a power drill complements well for woodworking job. These are powerful and is less expensive too.

These drills are available in different sizes. However, It depends on which size wood chuck you are going to work. Hence you can decide the bit size which can be used.



Power Planers

Power Planers are used to prune wooden planks to attain a uniform thickness throughout their length & breadth before using them to construct furniture. This also polishes their surfaces & minimizes any unwanted friction while working with them.

Many Power Planers with robust electric motors & other advanced features are available in the market. If you have more budget, go for a thickness bench top planer which can shape wooden board uniformly in one go.



Sanders is one of the basic finishing tools for woodworking which are required to make the woody surfaces smooth before they’re polished or fixed permanently with other pieces. Sander is available with a powerful motor & various attachments which can be fitted according to the need of the hour.




Clamps are used to hold the glued joints together till the glue attains a drier & more permanent form. They are available in various sizes & shapes so that they can be used at various angles to hold the joints together. C clamps and F clamps are used often. However, you can also use K clamp according to the nature of your work.




Making rabbets and cutting grooves has never been easier without the use of woodworking routers. in addition to this, is can be used to shape the wood edge. You can find different types of router bits for making different patterns.



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