Best Impact Drivers 2020 Reviews : (Cordless + Brushless Added)

Impact drivers really made screwing easy as we don’t have to put more arm force. The inbuilt hammering mechanism make it easier.

Impact drivers are the evolved version of drill which are incapable of taking stress.

With lots of impact drivers present on Amazon or Homedepot, buyers like you often get confused to choose the right one. If you haven’t used it before, it’ll be difficult to choose the correct one.

However, we analyzed 39 Impact drivers from best brands of this industry and prepared a master list.

We have included cordless as well as brushless impact drivers in this list.

Already experienced in impact drivers and going to buy one? check below list or if you are newbie must read the buying guide at the bottom of the article.

Here are the Best Impact Drivers analyzed by us.

The top picks are based mainly on Torque, BPM and Battery powered. However, we have a close eye on extra features these tools provide.

Hitachi WH18DGL 18-Volt 1/4-Inch Cordless Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit

Hitachi WH18DGL

  • Torque– 1,280 in/lbs
  • BPM– 3200
  • RPM– 2400
  • Battery power– 18 v lithium ion

Hitachi 18v WH18DGL Impact Driver Review

Hitachi WH18DGL is a powerful 18 v cordless impact driver that delivers high-torque output. It weighs only 3.1 lbs, which helps reduce fatigue for prolonged use. It delivers the exceptional torque of about 1,280 in/lbs that help deal with the most challenging assembly and disassembly jobs.

This power turning torque can deal with the toughest jobs even in the tightest spaces. To provide less weight and fade free power, the Hitachi WH18DGL is powered by lithium-ion battery technology. Situated at the top portion of the tool, the ¼ inch quick change chuck allows changing the bits very conveniently.

This impact driver kit from the house of Hitachi includes two 18 v lithium ion batteries, a carrying case, and a fast charger. The average charging time of this driver is only 35 minutes. Moreover, it also comes with an extra battery, which not only helps in the conservation of the electricity but saves a lot of money as well.  There is a variable speed trigger in the middle of the impact driver that helps in controlling the RPM and IPM more conveniently

  • Unbelievable torque strength
  • Comes with a lifetime tool warranty
  • Easy to use features
  • Delicate forward/reverse switch
  • There is no fuel gauge in it

Our take:

  • Hitachi WH18DGL is the best power tool to use at any space – home or workspace. This compact driver is a quality tool that sums up with one word- power.
  • The two of its most important USP’s include torque strength and lightweight design, which provides the ability to work more efficiently for a longer period of time.
  • It is better than any other pneumatic in terms of quality as there is no expiration of service warranty on this impact driver.

Dewalt DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver

Dewalt DCF887B 20V

  • Torque– 1,500 in/pound
  • BPM– 3800
  • RPM– 2800
  • Battery power– 20 v lithium ion

Dewalt DCF887B Review

The Dewalt compact driver kit includes a brushless motor, which provides an overall good runtime. The light and compact design make it easy to get into the tight working spots. You’ll definitely love to know that it consists of a LED light that helps in working even under low light environments.

It has variable torque settings, so on pressing it tightly, the release will be slower, and on further pushing it, the release will be faster. Packed with a lot of power, it is one of the best cordless impact drivers on the market at such a price.

The 4.0 Ah 20v batteries can be used with the driver. It comes as a bare tool, with no battery or charger. This driver minimizes breakage, reduces drops and minimizes wobbles to increase its lifespan. This has got the highest battery power in our list.

  • It is very lightweight
  • It offers a high power of 1,400lbs torque per charge
  • 3 LED lights that provide the visibility in low light areas
  • Some users have complained about the short battery life. But, that actually depends on its usage

Our take

  • As evaluated by its users, it may seem tempting to underestimate the power of this cordless driver due to its size, but shockingly the little package is packed with a punch.
  • It’s not only ideal to use in some aspects related to heavy duty construction but also perfect to use for a variety of tasks around a home.
  • The LED light is its USP. Compact in size, it easily fits into smaller spaces.

Bosch PS41-2A 12V Max 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver Kit

Bosch PS41-2A 12V

  • Torque– 930 in/lbs
  • BPM– 3100
  • RPM– 2600
  • Battery power– 12 v lithium ion

Bosch PS41-2A Review

Bosch PS41-2A 12V Max driver is a very lightweight tool weighing just 2.1 lbs. It functions really well even in the tiny or inaccessible spaces. This compact driver has a small head-length of just 5.4 in, which makes it an ideal option for congested spaces.

Irrespective of its small size, it delivers a torque of 930 lbs with a no-load BPM of 0 to 3, 100 and a maximum 2,600 RPM. It brings great convenience as well because it has two lithium-ion batteries, a charger, a carrying bag, and two screwdriver bits.

The Bosch PS41-2A driver has a LED light ring to lighten up dark working areas. Equipped with anvil system and Bosch developed hammer for improved tool durability and muscle strength.

Thanks to the impressive runtime and control, it is a great choice for the precision fastening applications, including the small or medium duty jobs. With hex drive of ¼ inch and quick release, the drive offers more job site productivity.

It is considered an ideal solution because of the tool manageability in combination with an ergonomic easy-grip handle and lighter weight. The Bosch Hex driver comprises of an innovative feature known as electronic cell protection that protects it from any damage caused due to misuse and as a result of the battery life also increases.

  • Compact in design and easy to reach tiny spaces
  • Saves battery life and driver lifespan
  • It’s very lightweight
  • It is loud, but that’s not unusual for impact drivers
  • 1-year warranty doesn’t seem to be a deal broker when some models are providing 3 years warranty. But, it certainly doesn’t change the buyers’ decision because its performance weighs more

Our take

  • The 3 LED lighting will offer a good amount of light to get your job done in critical lighting conditions.
  • It has an all-metal gearbox and Durashield housing to withstand the harsh conditions.
  • The ergonomically designed grip handle provides the user comfort. In short, the price, the features and lots of good reviews make it the right choice for a mid-level driver.

Makita XDT042 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver

Makita XDT042 18V LXT

  • Torque– 1420 in/lbs
  • BPM– 3200
  • RPM– 2300
  • Battery power– 18 v lithium ion

Makita XDT042 18V LXT Review

The Makita XDT042 18V LXT weighs 3.3lbs and delivers 1,420 inches of max torque. The head length of 5-7/16 inch gives it a compact design for lesser user fatigue and increased job comfort.

Engineered for a variety of fastening and driving applications, XDT042 has a heat-hardening process to provide maximum driving power and fastening. It features a 4 pole motor with different speeds at 300 RPM and 200 RPM.

Manufactured using the best raw materials, the entire line-up of Makita’s is crafted using anvil impact mechanism and proprietary hammer. The unique combination of power pack and performance makes it an ideal tool for any pro that needs a top-in-class compact cordless driver.

With more torque than its predecessors, the Makita’s fast precision applications ensure that there is no damage to the work surface or screw. It holds the capability to snap heads on screws without any hassle. Thus make sure to adjust the driver on cool speed settings.

  • Long battery life
  • 3 years of warranty
  • The 4-speed power selection switch
  • It’s not the lightest impact driver available out there. But, definitely, the pros outweigh the cons.

Our take:

  • This compact driver is very heavy duty and is ideal to carry out various jobs on construction sites. The one-touch 1/4” inch hex chuck provides great convenience for quick changes.
  • The 18v lithium-ion rapid optimum charger, 3.0 Ah batteries, and a tool also come with it for an added advantage.  Makita XDT042 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver kit is powered by lithium-ion batteries that have the fastest charging time in their categories.
  • To extend the battery life and improve the tool performance, Makita is provided with Star Protection Computer Controls so as to allow the tool and battery to monitor conditions such as overheating, overloading and over-discharging.
  • It is small yet delivers great power and speed. The driver contains 4 variable speed settings. Made in Japan, the tool is highly durable that even if you drop it from the height of 25 feet, it will still work immaculately.

Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt 1/4 Inch Impact Driver

Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt

  • Torque– 410 in/lbs
  • BPM– 18200
  • RPM– 1400
  • Battery power– 19.2 v lithium ion

Craftsman C3 19.2 V Review

The Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt 1/4 Inch Impact Driver is the latest version in the craftsman series. This compact driver comes as a bare tool without any battery or charger. The LED light illuminates the work spot from the bottom of the handle on the battery.

As this is the newest version, it has 3 built-in LED lights around the tip. The size of hex shaft is ¼” inch with a sufficient power to handle every 3/8” sockets. It generates powerful torque to drive any bolt or screw.

This compact driver is way more powerful than a drill. It is a solid performer that works great even for difficult driving tasks such as driving long lag screws into suds. The locking collar is good to use for drills or bits with hex bases.

The driver kit includes a CH2030 multi-chemistry charger, a compact wrench and 2v Ah XCP lithium batteries. As it is easy to carry and handle, it is of great help in changing tires.

  • Extremely powerful
  • Cordless with a 2-volt wrench
  • Lightweight and has a maximum speed of 3000 RPM
  • The torque of 300 pounds
  • Some users say that it’s not ideal for commercial or professional use, but they are either first-time users or not a pro at using the tool and thus face little difficulties at first.

Our take:

  • This power tool has a cordless benefit that ensures that you don’t need to use any hoses. The one battery of 19.2v is enough to power the tool and work efficiently without losing power.
  • It drives the thickest bolts easily and break-free even the tightest nuts. There are 3 built-in LED lights provides maximum visibility. Powered by 4Ah lithium-ion battery, it increases the torque power by 20%. It also increases the runtime by four times.
  • Crafted using tough plastic and rubber, this rugged tool can withstand a high amount of wear and tear. The grip is micro-textured to allow you firmly hold the driver for precision. With the square anvil of ½” inch and pin, retention helps to perform up to 3000 impacts in a minute.

Porter-Cable PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium Ion Impact Driver

Porter-Cable PCCK640LB 20-Volt

  • Torque– 1495 in/lbs
  • BPM– 3100
  • RPM– 2900
  • Battery power– 20 v lithium ion

Porter-Cable PCCK640LB Review

The porter cable driver tool is a cordless wrench of 20v. Engineered to give the torque of 1450 inch pounds, it is the best tool for undertaking heavy duty jobs.

The ergonomically designed driver weighs just 3.2 pounds to provide the maximum user comfort. It includes a Philips head screwing to fasten things on the job efficiently. The lithium-ion battery of 1.5 Ah generates maximum power and longer runtime.

The chuck can be easily loaded to allow a user in inserting bit single-handedly. The battery present is displayed through a battery fuel gauge.

  • It has a variable speed and quickly changeable hex
  • Delivers the maximum torque of 1,450-inch pounds
  • 3-year warranty
  • Cost-effective
  • 1-year free service and 90 days money back guarantee
  • The power of the battery is not enough
  • There are no speed settings, so you need to be careful when performing tasks like driving screws to protect yourself from snapping the head.

Our take:

  • PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB 20-volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium-ion Impact Driver is one of the best handy tools you can have around your home.
  • The two batteries in it take approx. 50 minutes to charge dead to full.

An impact driver is a creative invention in the world of tools, probably the one that delivers a sudden downward and rotational force. It is used widely in loosening nuts and screws that are frozen corrosively or torque too much excessively.

What should you consider before buying an impact driver?

An impact driver is a big asset for heavy duty as well as day to day jobs. With a brushless motor and smart electronics, it comes quite handy in providing extra comfort in all your fastening needs. Here’s what you need to look for when buying the best impact driver.

Brushless motor ensure optimal performance

If you’re planning to buy an impact driver then always look for the ones which come with the brushless motor.

  • This requires less maintenance and gives a longer life to your impact driver.
  • Brushless motor ensures smooth functioning of your impact driver through smart electronic support and less heat production.
  • If you’re looking for pro-level performance on a budget, then a brushless motor is a must in your impact driver.

RPM and trigger

Impact drivers of today’s generation come with three levels of RPM ranges 0-3000, 0-2100 and 0-850. Few advanced tools might even come with four-speed control for more refined work. After all, there are times when you don’t need the brutal force and look out for the way to bear down the speed of your device.

  • With varied speed control option, you can let the impact driver work at the pace that you want.
  • Variable speed trigger is also important to spread out the range of RPM over a larger area rather than working on static speed. This feature grants you extra control over your device.


When you’re looking for the best options for buying an impact driver control is an important feature.

  • It will allow you to toggle the direction and trigger the device with the index finger and the thumb.
  • Few impact drivers come with a neutral that easily locks the trigger to ensure that battery drainage doesn’t occur if you press the trigger inadvertently.

Ease of holding it

Ergonomic impact drivers always on the top of the wishlist of every user. Lightweight and an ergonomic leg up impact driver feel good in your hand, and you’re able to use it with absolute comfort. You’ll always choose a device that feels easy to carry and soft between your index finger and thumb. So next time you look for an impact driver carry it in your hand and see how comfortable it is to work with it.

Worklight and belt hook

One more added functionality that you would like to have in your impact driver is work light for illuminating work experience.

  • These lights help you work even in the dark area and give you the ease to operate it wherever you are.
  • A belt hook also makes the impact driver handy, and you can easily climb a ladder hanging the tool along the hook of your side. Picking up the tool in your hand can be a bit troublesome, and you can always have a fear of dropping it because of small mishandling or push. But with an impact driver having a belt hook you can easily do a series of drives without taking a break in between.


These impact drivers are enhanced with functionality and affordability all in one package. I have listed these options after doing a detailed analysis of their functioning and efficiency to make sure that they serve varied purposes. Impact drivers are an amazing tool, and this will be truly gladful assistance to you if you buy them.

Given the parts and the additions, an impact driver is a necessary tool in every house. It can be concluded that people with woodworking are most needed in the sectors of impact drivers, to make your work easy and stress-free. Impact drivers are available in various power levels and different styles. Well, I have done my best in jotting down the list, now it’s your turn to buy the best!

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