7 Best Hammer Drill Review 2020 – (Corded + Cordless)

Regular drills are not powerful enough for heavy-duty works, that’s why you need a hammer drill. Unlike cordless drills (which only spins), hammer drills spins & hammers simultaneously making it possible to dig deeper.

What about cordless drills that do hammering function?

You might have seen a cordless hammer drill. However, trust me, Cordless hammer drills don’t have that much power as corded ones. You will end up draining batteries while doing heavy-duty tasks like drilling and shattering concretes or bricks.

As per the survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2017, most of the fatal accidents are caused in construction and building maintenance areas, which poses a high risk to the labour force. So, you need to choose tools that provide maximum safety. Stay away from cheap hammer drill brands.

Here Are The 7 Best Hammer Drills

Here we have listed out some six hammer drills that are reliable, durable, efficient. The reviews are product specific, and no product is given any bias over another.  We have tested more than 29 Drills and found the 6 top options for you.

Update : In last 4 months we have tested 6 more drills. 

Bosch RH328VC SDS Rotary Hammer Drill – Best Rotary Pick

The Bosch rotary hammer model is a sturdy and robust hammer drill to delve into any operations be it heavy or light incorporating the latest technology in use. With the most powerful motor power and impact energy, it is suitable for most of your heavy-duty applications and needs.

Bosch RH328VC

  • Motor power: 8.0 AMPS
  • Speed: 0-900RPM
  • BPM: 0-4000 BPM
  • Weight: 13.6 pounds

Bosch RH328VC Review

The Bosch hammer drill delivers top power and performance. The integral clutch can be optimised to work in 360-degree angle positions for flexible use for any operation. It can support three different modes of operation, the rotary hammer, hammer only and rotation only modes.

Firstly, it’s backed up with a powerful 8.0 AMPS motor, which can run a 2.5 ft./lbs of impact energy.

Secondly, the D-handle design that is convenient to operate in both overhead drilling and upright drilling operations. Also, the D-handle has spring which features Active Vibration Control helps to minimize vibration occurs during hammering. It also gives convenient gripping for elongated usage preference.

Thirdly, the Bosch hammer drill incorporates a 3- finger trigger that makes drill handy during operation. Also, it includes an automatic bit locking system along with maximum impact energy transfer.

An integral clutch mechanism completely controls and minimises the effective torque reaction. This model is designed to control dust in any action performed efficiently. It has an 8ft cord which is long enough to look for.

The product is durable and covers a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

• Supports three modes of convenient operation
• Dust control and prevention feature
• Unique Active Vibration Control Feature.
• Keyless Chuck


• Lower RPM range compared to other models
• Depth guide needs improvement.

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18 – Hammer Drill Driver – Best Cordless Pick

This is the most versatile hammer drill we found. It’s a cordless tool which features 3 modes of operation.

  • Drill
  • Driver
  • Hammer Drill

To drill precision holes and operations, the Milwaukee is designed to work with full efficiency and power. It’s an excellent option for all your hammer drill requirements.

budget hammer drill

Milwaukee 2704-20 M18  

  • Motor power: Not specified
  • Speed: 0-550 RPM and 0-2000 RPM
  • BPM: 32000 BPM
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds

Milwaukee 2704-20 Review

You don’t want to purchase drill, driver or hammer drill individually, and looking for some all-in-one solution; this tool should be your first choice. Additionally, it’s cordless. However, cordless isn’t the prime feature for which we picked this. The reason is – 3 mode of operation

Furthermore, it has a 2-speed transition, i.e. 0-550 and 550-2000 rpm. It comes with an adjustable torque selector, that is pretty useful while driving the different length of screws. The torque selector has settings range of 2 to 24. However, the torque selector can be used only in screw driving mode.

There is a side handle that helps then precision handling of work.

One prominent feature of Milwaukee is that it utilises REDLINK plus. Redlink plus is an intelligent control option that manages to overheat of batteries and prevents its overeating due to continuous operations.

The Milwaukee comes with Red lithium batteries aids in delivering high work per charge. This delivers more run-time, more speed, more torque than Lithium-ion batteries. So, we can say it has a better battery life than Dewalt’s cordless drill which we mentioned above.


• The tool comes with a LED light to lighten work area.
• Light in weight and better ergonomics
• Powerstate Brushless motor delivering more torque


• Little less powerful being run on batteries.

DEWALT DW511 Corded Hammer Drill – Best Corded Pick

Lightweight, value for the money & with ease of operation, DeWalt DW511 is pretty hot out of the box. This is the lowest cost drill on our list.

dewalt drills

DEWALT DW511 1/2 in.

  • Motor power: 7.8 amps
  • Speed: 2700 Max
  • BPM: 46000
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds

DEWALT DW511 1/2 in. Review

We know, Dewalt is one of the pioneers in the power tool industry brands. With the 360 Deg side handle, it offers excellent control & depth accuracy. Additionally, it offers a dual mode of operation; i.e. can be used for wood, steel, concrete, or masonry.  However, it’s not advisable to drive screws.  The capacity,

  • Steel: 1/2 in.
  • Wood: 1-1/4 in.
  • Concrete: 5/32-3/8 in.

Even it’s a hammer drill; still, we suggest not to use for mixing concrete. To mix concrete, you need high torque and low rpm drill.

“While drilling, use smaller drill bits and then gradually increase to the final size. With this, the drill will remain cool and reduces pressure towards down.” – Suggested by a user.

Remember, this model has variable speed but not torque. It’s a single speed drill with maximum 2700 rpm. Though, the speed can be varied by depressing the trigger. Additionally, The 360-degree side handle provides better balance and handling. The motor has overload protection.

With a 90 days money back guarantee, it has 3 years warranty. That’s enough time.

Briefly, this tool is power packed with lightweight.

• Dual Mode of Operation
• Lightweight
• 360-degree handle



• Grease can leak from chuck area and vent holes.
• Doesn’t have a keyless chuck.

Makita 1’’ Rotary hammer HR2475

The Makita HR2475 1” rotary hammer is must-have for masons, remodellers, electricians and maintenance crews. The hammer drill is ergonomic and comfortable in the hand while producing extra-low vibration during idle condition. It also supports 3 modes: Rotation, hammering with rotation and hammering only.

rotary hammer drill

Makita 1’’ Rotary HR2475

  • Motor power: 7 amps
  • Speed: 1100 RPM
  • BPM: 4500 BPM
  • Weight: 10.7 pounds

Makita 1’’ Rotary HR2475 Review

The body is made up of hard plastic that supports its heavy components that weighs at 10.7 lbs. It comes with a soft rubberized D handle for grip and comfort. Well, the 7amp motor generates up to 1100 RPM and 4500 BPM. One of the best features the makes it unique is 3 modes of operation, rotation, rotation with hammering and hammering only.

For sure, the advanced motor technology including a field core interlocking steel lamination and copper commuter bars provides outstanding longevity to the machine.

This hammer drill supports up to 40 different bit angles settings for the user’s convenience. Furthermore, the body of the rotary hammer is shielded with a rubber bumper for added durability.

Up to 2 times the drilling speed is achieved by the synchronized RPM and BPM of the hammer drill. The torque limiting clutch prevents gear damage by disengaging of the bit binds to the material. Timed hammering is achieved by sequential impact during rotation to mitigate overlapping of impacting bits to increase drilling speed by up to 50%.

They offer a 1-year warranty for the buyers to support them with repairs and additional materials.


• High durability and longevity.
• Less vibration.
• High drilling speed
• Comfortable D handle.


• The chuck supports only SDS type drill bits and not the regular types.

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme

The Bosch rotating hammer tool is made for powerful multi-operation purposes. Which comes very handy in use for overhead drilling, demolition, anchoring and other suitable tasks for the crew, contractor and construction.

bosch hammer drills

Bosch Power Tool – 11255VSR

  • Motor power: 7.5 amps
  • Speed: 1300 RPM
  • BPM: 5800 BPM
  • Weight: 6 pounds

Bosch Power Tool – 11255VSR Review

It is a combined set comprising of a rotary hammer, auxiliary drill and a depth gauge. Well in design part, firstly it encompasses a corded turret that allows a complete 35º pivis supporting flexibility and extended cord life. Secondly, tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking. Lastly, superior dust protection and thoroughgoing impact energy transfer.

Besides, it holds 7.5 amp of a powerful motor that can handle up to 1300RPM and 5800BPM. The hammer drill can offer a 2.0ft/lbs of impact energy during operation. Undoubtedly, you can use it for overhead and downward drilling aswell.

Need more? Yes, the powerful hammer drill has a D-handle design that is best in to suit for various operations. It is combined to provide an accurate bit starting as well as stoppage due to its variable speed control trigger and reverse options. A well designed rotating brush gives an equal power for ensuring flexibility during operation.

A proper vibration control mechanism covers up the vibration during operation even during more difficult operations. It has a keyless chuck design and a cord length of 8 feet.

The Bosch hammer drill comes with a 1-year repair or replacement on parts.


• Suitable for do-it-yourself tasks.
• Ideal for small jobs
• D-design handles suitable for overhead as well as downward drilling


• Not suitable for heavy-duty drilling applications
• Comparatively slow

Dewalt 20V MaxXR Hammer Drill Kit

Though we don’t recommend cordless hammer drill, 20V MAX XR got everything to be in the list. So, anyone looking for a cordless option for hammer drill will be happy to see this.

This is a premium cordless hammer drill which can handle heavy duty effortlessly with its 1/2’” metal ratcheting chuck and carbide inserts that provide a firm grip. The hammer drill boasts superior performance and high calibre design for ease of use and comfort.

cordless hammer drill

Dewalt20V MaxXR

  • Motor power: 535W
  • Speed: 2000rpm
  • BPM: Not specified
  • Weight: 10.9 pounds

Dewalt20V MaxXR Review

The hammer drill is made up of sturdy plastic and packs innovative technology to ensure dominant performance. It weighs about 10.9 Pounds and has a comfortable size of 8.4 inches long. The 20V MAX XR is a half inch 3-speed hammer drill and packs a high performance 2000 rpm motor.

Fully metallic transmission for speed, accuracy and fast drilling masonry materials is an add-on. Accommodation of 3 mode LED, which aids in illuminating the confined spaces with 20 times more brightness than its predecessor.

20V MAX XR hammer drill 535 W motor delivers more power while staying economical in the power consumption, pushing 75% more run time than the ones using 18v NiCad brushed motor. The nitro carburized metal chuck has the superior grip strength to handle heavy duty work. The LED spotlight offers you up to 20 seconds of delay time to aid in dark work locations.

Dewalt offers a limited 3-year warranty, with 1 year of free service and 90-day money back guarantee if the product was not satisfactory.

  • The LED spotlight eliminates the need for additional carriage of torchlight
  • 90-day money back guarantee

• No slot present in the body to store the bits.

Hammer Drill Buying Guide

With heavy competition among the manufacturers and compelling features to become a hit among the customers, more and more high-end features are being incorporated. But first, you need to look for the critical features of the hammer drills. Remember, some drills come as bare tool which means you’ve to buy batteries, charger etc. individually.

Power Source

Power is one major factor for consideration when it comes to buying hammer drills. The hammer drills can be electric, or battery powered. Battery powered drills are portable and are less efficient than cordless drills.


The drills can have a brushed or brushless motor. If you want the drill to be durable, consider a brushless hammer drill. Not to mention, the brushless motor keeps the machine cooler than bushed one.

Torque Power and Speed

The torque of a hammer drill designates the speed and power. In short, If the torque is higher then, it is more powerful. Hammer drills are also measured on the blows per minute (BPM) whereas the drilling speed refers to the RPM.

Chuck size

The chuck size tells about the capacity of the drill. Bigger bits can’t be fit onto small chucks. So, heavy-duty application, which mostly uses bigger bits, needs larger chucks. In short, powerful drills use larger chucks.


Not all tasks need the same speed and torque. Working with single speed drills increases the chance of the screws being damaged. Basically, the multiple transmission speed possibles the hammer drill to work with a wide range of screws and materials. This helps to fine-tune the task. As a matter of fact, multi-speed drills costs higher.

Comfort during operation

Though you might have the best features in the selected hammer drill, one with good handle design, less in weight are most sought out features. Being heavy induces fatigue and makes it difficult to work. Choose the right size of your hammer drill.


Any tool should be easier to handle and comfortably manoeuvrable. It should be capable of performing a range of tasks from the medium, sturdy to heavy-duty tasks. The hammer drill should be able to deliver all your drilling needs. It should be well balanced and be safe to use and apply.
In this consorted list we have listed out the 6 best hammer drill from major players that are suitable in all aspects for your drilling and hammer requirements.

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