Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal 2020 – Latest Review

Have you ever thought of replacing the tiles as soon as they tumbled down? The job of removing a tile is not an easy one. But, there are a few modern tools that have made the task a bit trouble-free.

A well-constructed demolition hammer is useful for removing tiles as well as materials such as mortars. As sometimes, it’s not easy to remove the tough floor tiles with bolster or chisel and hammer only.

Unlike a normal demo hammer, the demo hammer for tile removal needs a wide blade/chisel. No worry! We understand the importance of it and identified some of the Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal.

With the initiation of hammers like Bosch Jack Hammer, Yescom 2-in-1 demolition hammer, and F2C Heavy Duty Demolition Jack Hammer, you no longer have to spend a hefty amount of time on bigger projects. Here are some models and the factors that you must concern yourself with while opting for one.

8 Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal

It is important to get the most reliable demolition hammer for tile, concrete, or brick deconstruction. If not, the whole process may become quite challenging for you. A high-geared hammer is likely to increase the efficiency of your work. Spare some time to look at the products listed below, and find the best one for you.

Makita HM1203C 20 lb. Electrical Demolition Hammer

  • AMPS: 14
  • Blows Per Minute: 950-1,900
  • Impact Energy: 18.8 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type : Accepts SDS-MAX
  • Voltage: 120v

HM1203C from Makita brand is the first product in our listing as it is considered among the best choice It is perfect for performing any challenging drilling processes. The 14AMP motor delivers about 18.8 ft.lbs. impact energy is quite satisfying for challenging jobs. The superb speed helps to maintain the motor even under heavy load. The rubber D shaped grip of the handle helps to control vibration at the time of heavy jobs. Get a safe and prominent hammer for your home today!

Automatic brush cut off technology maintains the device properly and also increases the longevity of the product. Additionally, the LED indicator suggests when to replace the brush.

The soft-start technology helps to minimize the vibration occurs initially. Hence, it provides more accuracy and precision while destroying tiles.

The product also provides a year’s warranty. Professionals choose this hammer as they say that “It is something more than what is advertised.” Want to dig even the toughest ground? Take the help of Makita 20 lb. Demolition Hammer. The overall weight of the hammer is about 34.5 pounds, which is quite handy to use.

This Demolition Hammer is worth every penny spent. It also contains Plastic Tool Case and a side handle within the package. The soft-start technology helps to increase the accuracy of any work. Follow the instructions as given in the manual to make the work perfect.

This model is suitable for medium applications. If you’re working on a larger project consider choosing the 27 lbs model – Makita HM1214C 27 lb. AVT® Demolition Hammer, accepts SDS-MAX bits , Teal.


  1. The powerful motor speed makes any challenging job easier for the users.
  2. With 12 bit-angle settings, one can set the angle of the handle according to their needs.
  3. With the variable speed dial control facilities, match the speed according to the demolition work. Lower the speed to remove thin materials at precision, higher the speed to remove thick materials.
  4. Ergonomic soft grip


  1. There are no such disadvantages that the product provides.

Yescom 2-in-1 Gasoline Demolition Jack Hammer

  • AMPS: – 
  • Blows Per Minute: 800-2800
  • Impact Energy: 18.8 – 33.1 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type : Accepts SDS-MAX
  • Voltage:

How about a lightweight hammer with effective solutions for tile removal? The Yescom 2-in-1 Gasoline Demolition Jack Hammer can be an excellent choice then. It comes with a two-stroke motor and is mostly used on hard materials like concrete, bricks, rocks, etc. It’s a good option for construction work.

This demolition hammer is portable, easy to handle, and worth all your needs. The Yescom lightweight hammer comes with superb flexibility that makes frilling projects much simpler for you. In fact, it’s broadly used for breaking concrete, construction project, farm, agriculture piling works, and so on. Get yourself one today!

The single-cylinder gas engines need some fuel or motor oil to run this device. Well, it consumes 1/2 lit fuel per hour of operation.  As the fuel tank capacity is 0.9L, you can work for almost 2 hours with a loaded tank. With the help of two piling heads and chisels, Yescom 2-in-1 Gasoline Demolition Jack Hammer removes tiles. This hammer works quite well.

Another important aspect of this hammer is its rotation speed. The 1.2 HP engine offers maximum rotation speed (6500 Revs/Min). Hence, it works efficiently on hard surfaces. The hand-pull start of the Yescom 2-in-1 Gasoline Demolition Jack Hammer is convenient.

The product also contains a gasoline hammer pile driver, toolkit, lubricating grease, and a drill. What can be more perfect when a hammer performs all the heavy-duty jobs with effortless control?

Make the whole work of breaking and implanting tiles quick and easy using Yescom 2-in-1 Gasoline Demolition Jack Hammer.


  1. Handpull start system offers a higher degree of elasticity
  2. 2 in 1 multifunctional demolition hammer is perfect for heavy works
  3. This product meets the EPA certification standards
  4. Well exchangeable drills that match your desire
  5. Maximum power and speed is about 1000W and 7000r/min


  1. The Yescom 2-in-1 Gasoline Demolition Jack Hammer runs with motor oil or gasoline. This may affect the environment a lot. Gasoline is harmful to the natural air that surrounds the workplace. The natural environment and the quality of air may get adversely affected.
  2. Lower handle is weak.

Milwaukee 5446-21 SDS-Max Hammer for Demolition

  • AMPS: 14
  • Blows Per Minute: 2200-2840
  • Impact Energy: 8.8 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type : Accepts SDS-MAX
  • Voltage: 120

This is the product that gets well admiration for its “precision” and “quality.” Get prepared for the toughest demolition job with the help of Milwaukee SDS-Max Hammer for Demolition. It provides about 8.8 ft. lbs. of impact energy  and 1.300 MWO power for performing the heavy-duty. It has two speed motor, 2200 BPM for light usage and 2840BPM for the heavy use. Also, the product can be fixed in 12 different positions depending on the choice of the user.

Anti-vibration control technology makes the hammer easy to handle and reduces loud noise to its minimal. Soft grip D-handles provide further comfort to the product.

This demolition hammer is perfect for drilling any concrete walls, driving ground rods, scraping floors, etc. The help of a powerful 14 Amp motor provides robust outcomes to the users. The hammer didn’t get warm when we used it for a 3-inch slab. Not to forget, it has a reverse selector.

The package also includes two auxiliary handles and a carrying case. Want to dig and hammer concrete tiles under the most demanding construction site conditions? Act smart and do opt for the Milwaukee SDS-Max Hammer for Demolition.


  1. AVS anti-vibration system helps to provide minimum vibration and maximum condolence
  2. Trigger lock facilities help to enhance the safety of the user at the time of performing the drilling
  3. The Constant Power Technology of this hammer provides more compatible performance when the tool is loaded properly


  1. The Milwaukee SDS-Max Hammer for Demolition is quite heavy to carry.

Bosch 35-Pound Corded Demolition Drive Hammer Kit

  • AMPS: 15
  • Blows Per Minute: 1300
  • Impact Energy: 22 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type : 1-1/8-In.
  • Voltage: 120

The BOSCH 35-pound Demolition Drive Hammer is all about brute force but with accuracy. Tile removal being its primary work, the BOSCH 35-Pound hammer has a wide selection for dust-extraction. It boasts so much on its newest dust-extraction tech named as PRO+GUARD. Not to mention, this technology is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance.

It has in-built vibration control technology, which minimizes vibration to a larger extent. Additionally, the handle comes with a shock absorption mechanism, which makes it suitable for long hour works—no need to worry about a sore hand.

BOSCH inaugurates powerful and modern tools. It’s made up of a 15-Amp motor that benefits the tool to run quite smoothly. The technology of the Bosch 35-Pound Demolition Drive Hammer needs a 2,700 Watt generator. With this robust automation, you will also need a 12-gauge electric extension cord to power the generator. However, the method of using this tool is quite straightforward.

Skeptical if this heavy-duty demo hammer can be used for tile removal?

Don’t worry; even if the tool looks heavy, it can be used to remove tiles precisely.

360° Articulating Auxiliary Handle provides versatile placement that provides a safer environment for the users. The wheels aim to carry the whole equipment very easily.

This mechanism neither has batteries included nor requires them. Other accessories included in this kit are a grease tube, Star Point chisel, and a cleaning pad. For a smooth yet robust tile removal operation, opt for the Bosch 35-Pound Demolition Drive Hammer Kit.


  1. A lightweight demolition hammer makes the product accessible.
  2. There is a lubricant packed with the gear system.
  3. The product comes with a plastic case and wheels that make the transportation process easy for the users.
  4. All-metal housing helps to protect the product against any impact.
  5. 360° Articulating Auxiliary Handle to increase work efficiency.


  1. The hammer does not run well on small generators, and this becomes quite a difficult task for the users.

F2C Heavy Duty Demolition Jack Hammer

  • AMPS: 20
  • Blows Per Minute: 1900
  • Impact Energy: 40 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type :
  • Voltage: 120

F2C Heavy Duty Demolition Jack Hammer is the perfect choice for both the experts and the DIYers. The heavy-duty demolition jackhammer is specially designed to perform robust tasks. This nicely-built tool is easy to handle and is lightweight too.

Whether it be for removing a slab or breaking concrete walls, the F2C Jackhammer is the perfect companion for all. To protect the user from shocks, the hammer comes with a handle made of plastic. It is a highly recommended jackhammer in the market today.

The sturdy quality helps to drill the surface quickly and easily. The special technology also helps the user to prevent electric shocks at the time of drilling.

The strong motor of 2200W helps to break the obstinate surface easily. Lock the handle in any position suitable for your work. You can also carry the product easily from one place to the other, not only for the lightweight but for the wheels that come with the hammer. Get an entire set of gloves, mask, and safety goggles included with this product to make your job more prominent. Other accessories are a flat chisel, a hexagon bar wrench, and an oil feeder.

Are you planning for several projects? F2C Heavy Duty Demolition Jack Hammer can be your perfect choice. Highly recommended by the professionals, this demolition hammer will always help get a qualified and hassle-free execution of your work.


  1. Powerful and durable hammer works perfectly for the tile removals
  2. Lock rotating chisels
  3. This product is safe to use due to the modern safety technology installed to it
  4. The user-friendly device is easy to handle and simple to carry
  5. The ergonomic design of the hammer helps to minimize musculoskeletal disorders like wrist pains
  6. F2C Heavy Duty Demolition Jack Hammer will cost less and also provide high-quality performance overall


  1. The product gets warmed up too quickly. That means one has to stop the hammer after a couple of minutes to cool it down.

Dewalt D25901K 23.4 LB SDS Max Demolition Hammer

  • AMPS: 14
  • Blows Per Minute: 1,020 – 2,040
  • Impact Energy: 14 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type :
  • Voltage: 120

Compared to the power of this product, the weight is quite lighter. Maybe this is why it has now become one of the favorite demolition hammers in the market. Get a Dewalt D25901K 23.4 LB SDS Max Demolition Hammer to make the work of removing the tiles faster. The active vibration control system naturally reduces the vibration at the time of drilling. Hassle-free control is also a great advantage of the product.

Well, the 14 amp motor provides overload protection and also increases the overall performance of the hammer. Also, the product will not get overheated; instead, it is designed to perform for a longer period.

Want a product that will last long? Then you are in the perfect place.

Firstly, the SDS max tool holder with rubber dampers eats energy. Furthermore, the rear rubber handle provides a great balance.

Secondly, the dust and dirt protection system makes Dewalt D25901K 23.4 LB SDS Max Demolition Hammer a perfect one. The non-air pumping beat piece prevents masonry dusts before entering into the unit.

Next, the Dewalt D25901K is great at operational flexibility.

Because the twelve-position chisel rotation system allows you to adjust the chisel’s angle into 12 different angles, plus, the side handle has a 360 degrees rotation and 150-degree lateral adjustment flexibility.

The weight of the tool is about 23. 4 LBS, allowing easy transportation for any task.

Finally, the variable impact control dial has 19 settings between 3.7 and 18.5 foot-pounds. Which means you’ve 19 stops to set the impact energy according to your need. Whether it is for breaking thin section paths or demolition of walls, this product is the perfect choice for all of them.

Several tools come with this hammer, like a chisel, cloth, side-handles, and a carrying case. The point to remember here is that it may take a longer time to complete the job while dealing with concrete walls. To sum up, this model is a hassle-free tool with an easy controlling system.


  1. Free tools are available with this product, and the user no longer have to buy them additionally
  2. The hammer has a soft start facility
  3. Active vibration control technology
  4. 3yr warranty.


  1. If this product was designed with the technology of a “brushless motor,” then it could be considered to be a perfect one. The product uses the motor with brushes, which has to be replaced very often.

TR Industrial Original Demolition Jack Hammer 

  • AMPS: 11
  • Blows Per Minute: 1800
  • Impact Energy: 31 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type :
  • Voltage: 120

Industrial demolition work can involve a lot of hassle. However, TR Industrial Original Demolition Jack Hammer can be an effective solution for that. It provides excellent performance in industrial-grade demolition works with sheer efficiency.

TR Industrial JackHammer packs a 33 ft-lbs of energy impact on tough tiles. Demolition work on concrete or steel surfaces has never been so easy. It has all the features you may require for heavy-duty works. The safety assurance is an added benefit of this hammer.

The 360- degree auxiliary handle, VDE cord, and plugs provide easy handling of the product.

The heavy blow of the machine (1800 blows per minute) fits perfectly for any heavyweight project. Apart from removing tiles, any concrete structures can be removed with the TR industrial original demolition jackhammer. Such as if any concrete structure underground needs to be destroyed, this product can help you perfectly.

Demolition jackhammer comes with a warranty for a year, but they may last longer if used properly. You need to know about the techniques of using a hammer, then do opt for this one. Demolition hammer can take a full load impact rate of 1800/ min. As per the customer reviews, the product is easy to use, the value of money spent, and strong enough.

The machine also contains safety goggles, flat chisels, extra carbon brushes, and gloves within the packages. Get this great tool and make your construction project a bit easier.


  1. The weight of the hammer is about 31-lbs.
  2. A 6-ft power cord is adjacent to the device.
  3. The full-load impact of this hammer is 1800/min.


  1. No anti-vibration tech.
  2. Due to the absence of a 360-degree swivel handle, the comfort level decreases.

XtremepowerUS Electric Demolition Hammer – Value for the Money

  • AMPS: 15
  • Blows Per Minute: 1800
  • Impact Energy: 55 ft. lbs
  • Bit Type :
  • Voltage: 120

Make the whole drilling process quite easy and smooth with the XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Demolition Jack Hammer. While the 2200-watt motor delivers 1900 blows per minute, the 45 ft lbs. impact energy makes it easy to remove the toughest tile. Perhaps, you can break mortar, clays, bricks or rocks with it.

Get a quality jackhammer for your home today. This product is preferred by several householders and businesses, probably due to:

  1. Okish weight (46 lbs)
  2. plug into 110V/60Hz source.

Fortunately, with a lower price, this demo hammer comes with an anti-vibration system. Plus, it comes with a 360-degree D-grip handle. All these features provide better control for both horizontal and vertical applications. What else you need?

The blowing speed is quite impressive for the users. Compared to expensive jackhammers, XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer is nothing less than any of them. Quite durable and also provides an excellent performance.

The product comes with 3 kinds of chisel ( 16” bull point, 16” shovel, and 16” flat chisels),  gloves, goggles, and a safety mask. No need to spend extra bucks to buy these items separately when they are all available in one stop. Altogether, these accessories and tools shipped with a blow-molded carrying case. Moreover, this case has a wheel for easy transportation. However, we don’t found the case to be sturdy enough.

There comes a manual with the product. Follow every step properly, and it’s recommended not to use any tool separately until all are fitted properly. Once done, give it a go! If you do not need lots of power, this jackhammer is sufficient for getting things done properly.


  1. This model is also suitable for chipping, trenching, breaking holes, etc.
  2. Perfect to perform any light tile work, and in case of heavy work, it depends upon several conditions.
  3. The overall design is unique and compact.
  4. Several chisels are included that helps to drill better.
  5. Functions without an air compressor.


  1. During any heavy work, the hammer may get stuck sometimes. However, it can get fixed too.
  2. According to the users, they suggest that the ergonomics of the system could be better.

Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal Buying Guide

There are so many options to choose from. If you are ready to buy a demolition hammer for tile removals, make sure to get the best one for yourself. How can you do that?

Well, there are certain factors you need to consider while opting for a demolition hammer. You need to know what kind of hammer will satisfy your project demands. Identify your needs and choose accordingly. The consideration of these factors will help you to maximize the value you will get from your demolition hammer purchase.


A heavy-duty electric hammer has an average rating of 100V input voltage and 50/60 Hz frequency rating. You have to consider the electric power system in your area. It is recommended to opt for an electric hammer that is compatible with an input voltage of 230V or 220V, and the frequency rating is 50Hz. It is considered as the most suitable power rating of an electric hammer.

The power specifications are an important factor to consider while buying a demolition hammer. However, the efficiency of electric hammers is mostly determined by the input motor’s wattage. An increased wattage can enhance the electric hammer’s performance significantly.

Make sure to check if the hammer you choose has a heat-dissipation mechanism in it. High wattage can cause heating issues every now and then. The heat-dissipation feature can keep the temperature in check while preventing overheating conditions.


The size of the demolishing hammer makes the biggest difference while removing tiles. There’s no “one size fits all” while buying a demolition hammer. Like, a large hammer is suitable for outside work. But for small areas like a kitchen or bathroom, compact equipment is much recommended. It’s a lot easier with a firm sized hammer to move around in small spaces and work efficiently.

There are a lot of variations to choose from while buying a compact-sized demolition hammer. However, you have to be careful while investing since you won’t want the power to drop due to the size factor. Low power will consume a hefty amount of time to get the job done.

Few models will allow you to adjust the chisel angles. It’s a handy feature that can be used in tight places. You can easily adjust the angles to work in the corners of a shower or sink without compromising the power wattage. A compact sized demolition hammer with efficient power wattage is a smart buy.


A demolition hammer can be a value for money only if it gets the job done efficiently. For that, it requires the proper accessories out of the box. Various expensive models lack certain chisels. You have to buy it additionally from the store, thus increasing the price in the process.

It is always advisable to invest in a demolition hammer that comes with a variety of chisels. You can easily complete many projects without having to invest time and money in buying them separately.

Guaranteed compatibility comes with these particular models. Since they include multiple chisels, you can take on several projects to work on without any worries. Make sure to get the one with the most included accessories to increase your value for money.


The impact power of a demolition hammer is an important factor to consider. Make sure to check the impact or the pressure level the hammer can provide. For a significant amount of task, you will require a demolition hammer that can perform the highest level of impact according to feet-per-pounds measure.

Along with the impact factor, do not compromise on the vibration control mechanism. The power tool industry is a competitive space. Manufacturers are most likely to include common features like anti-vibration and power control. The lack of a basic vibration control mechanism can cause deafness due to the high-pitch noise.

It is always recommended to check the overall percentage of the vibration while buying a demolition hammer. Make sure the percentage is low. Cordless-electric hammers are a great example. They use powerful Li-ion batteries to get a smoother and longer period workflow.

Make the smart move by considering these major factors before making your purchase and increase the value for money.


The professionals are always excited about the tools that can break concrete and tiles efficiently. The growth of technology is exponential. All the above-listed hammers come with varied features. We know the difficulties that an operator faces while choosing a perfect match for their specific project type.

Considering all the factors, we have listed the 8 most efficient demolition hammers in the market.

Depending on the kind of tile work you want to perform, choose the one that perfectly fits the job. Gather some information online about the working field. Try to know a little more about the product and explore the reviews section before making any decision.

I hope this guide will help you to determine your selection while finding the right demolition hammer for tile removal.

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